Play guitar in just 3 Easy Steps - with Free Bonus Sheet! (Limited time only) - Toy Town Central
Play guitar in just 3 Easy Steps - with Free Bonus Sheet! (Limited time only) - Toy Town Central
Play guitar in just 3 Easy Steps - with Free Bonus Sheet! (Limited time only) - Toy Town Central

Play guitar in just 3 Easy Steps - Plus Free Video Lessons! (Limited time offer)

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Learn Guitar in 3 Simple Snack Size Steps 🚀 Fast!

⏰ Limted time offer price


DID You Know👉
✅ Only 3 chords are needed to play Rock and Roll?
✅ And Not just rock and Roll but thousands of popular tasty songs!

🎸 You’ll have more fun 😃 than you thought possible with this Snack Pack bite size method ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Star book!

Bite into the World of Guitar Chords and Unleash Your Creative Potential! 🌟

How Can This Book Help Me?👉

Hungry to Learn Guitar? This book is a delicious feast of Tasty Bite Size Lessons that build into a comprehensively chunky
Guitar Course.
✅ Broken down into easy Fun Snack Pack Size Lessons,

✅ you'll learn all the tips and tricks it took the author, Uncle Phil, over 40 Years to put together.

Plus FREE 👉

Guitar LESSON VIDEOS with author Phil.


How Can This Book Help me Learn & Change My Life?👉

✅ Get ready to feast your fingers on a fulfilling guitar meal that will quench any case of guitar fever.

✅ You'll immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of chords, riffs, and solos that resonate with your very being.

✅ Imagine the Feel of a surge of adrenaline as your fingertips dance across the fretboard, painting a vivid symphony of emotions in a world of boundless creativity. 🎸🔥

Can This Book Ignite a New Passion In Me?

✅ Embrace the thrill of guitar playing, and watch as your world transforms into a vibrant canvas of limitless possibilities.

✅Get ready to feast your fingers on a fulfilling guitar meal that will quench any case of Guitar Fever. 🎵

✅ With a daily dose of fun learning tips and easy hacks, this book is designed to make your guitar journey irresistibly enjoyable,
✅ with tones as sweet as honey, playing in front of friends will be just the icing on the cake.

✅ Join our revolution today, and break free from the ordinary. Dive into the realm of guitar mastery, where creativity knows no bounds. 🌟

✅ With Phil's 3 Steps Book and free video lessons, you'll embark on a journey that will leave you forever transformed. 🚀✨

✅ When you finally find out how easy this is 💡 you’ll know why it’s so popular everyday!

How Will This Book Help Me Learn Faster?👉

🚀 This UNIQUE combination of FREE VIDEO Lessons
✅ PLUS this BOOK 📘 make a POWERFUL Learning System
✅ Designed by a QUALIFIED Trainer
✅ There is no FASTER WAY to Progress ⏰

How Is This Method Different?👉


✅ Don't go old grey with frustration before

✅ enjoying the amazing joy of playing Guitar before a dancing, pumping crowd 💃🕺

✅ You can do this with a little help from this incredible book to 🔦 spot light what you need to know

✅ Before you know it you’ll be be rocking around the clock💃

✅ As proof this method works my sons played with me in a Live Rock and Roll Band aged from Just 11 years old!

What Extras Do I Get?👉

I’m so passionate to get you playing and lov'in the feeling I will help you personally.

If you read on and send an email I will send you

a ✅ FREE Printable Cheat Sheet📑
of the 🌏 WORLDS easiest to play 🎸
✅ Rock and Roll songs! 🔥

A brand new breakthrough way to learn guitar fast ⏰
✅ in snack size pieces with World wide 🌏 acclaim...
✅ And you don't need to learn a single note of music!

Who Is The Author?👉

Uncle Phil, as he is affectionately called by his multitude of Happy Guitar Students,
has been playing guitar 🎸for over 40 years and teaching guitar for over 20 with fantastic results for his students.
✅ Phil has a wealth of experience from playing guitar in many bands and
✅ has an amazing way to break everything down into easy bite-size chunks, that's how he taught his own sons to play

✅ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ STAR Quality

  Fun Learning

✅ 40 Years Teaching Experince in 1 Book

✅ Qualified Trainer

✅ 50 Subscribers Channel Award 2023

✅ 100 Subscribers Channel Award 2023

✅ 200 Subscribers Channel Award 2024

✅ 300 Subscribers Channel Award 2024

✅ 400 Subscribers Channel Award 2024

✅ Videos with over 160,000 verified views

What Is The Secret Key?🗝️👉

From hard won personal experience playing an teaching 🎸
Phil discovered an amazing secret method to get you playing fast, ⏰
and using just 3 magic chords, also known as the 3 Chord Trick

    ✅ Learn the quick way to play the Chords

    ✅ Hundreds of bands made millions with just 3
          amazing magic chords revealed in this book


Once you get a Taste of Playing Guitar this    
          way you Will be Hooked👉

Why Buy This eBook Now?

✅  FREE Bonus 1 Page How to Choose a 🎸Guitar Fact sheet so you will have everything you to get you playing fast fast ⏰ (Limited offer)

So Grab a Guitar and prepare to savor every bite-sized lesson as you embark on a tasty musical adventure with Uncle Phil!👉

What Is a 🎸 Player's Life Like?

The stage lights were on, cutting electric blue streaks through the darkened room, my band cranked up full, as we faced a crowd of nearly 2000 eager people…

🎤 our singer stepped back and gave me the nod to start my solo

❤️‍Heart pounding I stepped forward, switched to my back pick up for extra bite and launched into my final, face melting guitar solo

Man what a rush! smiles 😄 all around, the crowd, the band, the roadies, I couldn’t just couldn’t wait to get that adrenalin rush and do that again!

🎸 Now wanted to play guitar so much I had the passion… just the look of them was exciting to me, and I wanted to know how FAST.

How Did I Start?

You know how it is… Guitars seem to just sit there and say 'Play Me Now!' They just fan the flames of your passion and desire.

🎸 Luckily for me my older sister had an acoustic guitar and one day in the long summer ☀️ holidays I asked for a go, I picked it up BUT just didn't know where to start!🤔

🎸 Of course there was no internet back then so I looked at her guitar tuition 📘 book... But it all looked so hard! Where to start?👉

…I tried and tried different things but nothing seemed to work - but I still l loved the feel of the 🎸 guitar.

After weeks, even months of frustration and getting nowhere I finally skipped to the back of the book📘

…and saw the Chord Charts, they also looked hard, but after weeks more work I finally could play a chord - my Ureka Light bulb moment!💡

Where Do I Start?

 With my course, and my special carefully designed first 3 steps program you can now ✅ SKIP all the Hard Bits!

✅  Learning should be FUN and it can be with the right MENTOR, let that special mentor be Fret Master Phil 

✅ This Book 📘 will have you itching to start book 2 in no time! And don’t forget the FREE Cheat sheet below 👉

✅  Amazing - practice each chord for ⏰ 5 minutes, then play them one after the other, the 3 chords together take around 8 seconds, and you have your first rock and roll song - done like magic!

✅  Thousands- yes thousands of songs only have 3 chords, learn them fast here

✅   Phil's unique and special tuition is set out in Easy Step by Steps with Practice Tips

✅   Each Page is a single easy ⚡️ bite size FAST lesson written and produced by Phil at PM Guitar Tuition, in a unique snack size system and is NOT available anywhere else

✅   Professionally designed with structured notes and Phil's famous clear ⚡️FAST learning TIPS it was  developed over many years to be the best and fastest⚡️ possible way to progress.

🚀 Save money 💵 Learn fast 🎸 If you can play a few chords already try this!

E - 4 beats,  A, 4 beats,  E, 4 beats,  B 2 beats A 2 beats E

Who wouldn’t want to be a member of a fun foot tappin’ dance band? this book 📘 shows how!

✅ Instant fast download no waiting for shipping or additional delivery costs!

Quality you can Trust

We are sure you'll feel delighted a when you get started and start your new musical and Rock & Roll life

 Get this book📘with FREE VIDEO Lessons and you’ll be playing in no time!


✅ 100% Money back Guarantee (notice within 5 days required)

    Limited offer for this month more than 75% Off


🎸 Email to Get your FREE 10 easy Rock and Roll Songs
Cheat Sheet 👉


 More Reasons Why I Should Buy This Book

8 KEY Reasons Why my 40 Years Experience is So important👉

    1. ✅ With over 40 years of guitar playing and doing gigs, I  possesses a wealth of experience.
      ✅ This experience allows me to
      understand the instrument on a deep level, including its nuances, techniques, and various playing styles.

    2. ✅ Mastery of Techniques
      Over the course of four decades, I have had ample time to master a wide range of guitar techniques.
      ✅ I can teach students not only the basics but
      also more advanced techniques, such as fingerpicking, bending, tapping, and complex chord progressions.

    3. ✅ Versatility
      Through years of performing live in various settings, I have developed a versatile playing style. I can impart this versatility to the student, exposing them to different genres, including county, rock, blues, jazz, funk and more.
      ✅ This broadens the student's musical repertoire and allows them to explore different playing styles.

    4. ✅ Performance Skills
      Having performed in gigs for such a long time, I have honed my performance skills. I can provide valuable insights on stage presence, crowd interaction, and how to deliver a captivating live performance.
      ✅ This knowledge is beneficial for students interested in pursuing live performances or joining a band in the future.
    5. ✅ Problem Solving Over four decades,  I have encountered and overcome numerous challenges related to guitar playing.
    6. ✅ This experience equips me with problem-solving skills, enabling me to identify and address common obstacles that students may encounter along their guitar learning journey. I can offer personalized guidance and solutions based on their own needs.
    7. ✅ Musical Knowledge Through years of playing and gigging, I have amassed a vast knowledge of music theory, song structures, and composition.
      ✅ I can share this knowledge with students, helping them understand the underlying principles of music and apply them to their own playing.
    8. ✅ This deeper understanding enhances the student's overall musicality
    9. ✅ Mentorship and Inspiration
      As a guitar instructor with such extensive experience I serve as a mentor and a source of inspiration for you or your child. ✅ I can share stories, anecdotes, and lessons learned from my own musical journey, motivating you or my students to persist and pursue their own musical aspirations.

    10. ✅  Passion and Dedication
      Last but not least, as a guitar instructor with over 40 years of experience I am driven by a deep passion for music and guitar playing.

      ✅ My dedication to the instrument is evident through my long-standing commitment to my craft.
      ✅ This passion can be infectious, inspiring students to develop their own love for the guitar and motivating them to become the best players they can be.
    11. Don't Live in a Fish Bowl Enjoy Life NOW!

    12. ✅ GONE are the days of watching life pass by like a distant, unattainable dream. It's time to seize the moment and unlock your full potential. Become the guitar musical maestro you were destined to be, inspiring awe and admiration with every note you play! RECAP: 
    13. ✅ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ STAR Quality
  1.   Fun Learning

    ✅ 40 Years Teaching Experince in 1 Book

    ✅ Qualified Trainer

    ✅ 100 Subscribers Channel Award 2023

    ✅ 200 Subscribers Channel Award 2024

    ✅ 300 Subscribers Channel Award 2024

    ✅ 400 Subscribers Channel Award 2024

    ✅ Videos with over 160,000 verified views

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